• Twenty years after the events of Treasure Island, Lady Vivian Hastings knocks on Dr Livesey's door. Her hated husband has sent word from the Amazon: He has found the fabled city of Guiana-Capac, and his brother is to sell the entire domain to pay for an expedition, dispossessing Vivian in the process. So the lady has come to seek the one man who can help her: Long John Silver.

  • Le Neptune s'est lancé dans son long voyage. Lady Vivian compte sur son associé Long John Silver pour prendre le contrôle de l'expédition. Mais Silver n'a pas assez d'hommes pour s'emparer du navire, et le Capitaine Hastings se méfie de lui. Dans le monde étriqué d'un navire en pleine mer, les tensions montent ; les trahisons menacent. La mort frappera avant l'arrivée en Amazonie, et c'est un acte de barbarie quotidienne qui plongera le Neptune dans un tourbillon de violence.

  • Now called Ross Tanner, XIII joins the elite SPADS (Special Assault and Destruction Squads) to try and learn more about Captain Rowland, his last identity. As if the shadowy threats hanging over his head weren't enough, he also has to contend with gruelling training and a hostile instructor. Meanwhile, in Washington, investigations continue, and a series of clues emerge, pointing towards people XIII thought his allies. Can he trust Colonel Amos, General Carrington or. Lieutenant Jones?

  • Captured and imprisoned in the Roca Negra fortress, XIII is being tortured by the sinister Colonel Peralta. But, for all his pain and suffering, he's also in the same building as Maria, the woman who may be his wife. And they have plenty of dedicated, resourceful friends outside... as well as at least one traitor. Still unsure of his past, Jason McLane will have no choice but to become the man known as «El Cascador» to clean up Costa Verde once and for all.

  • Lucky Luke has to clean out a whole city: Fenton Town, so named because, after being abandoned by the pioneers who founded it, it has been taken over by Dean Fenton, a desperado of the worst sort. Lucky Luke makes a short visit to town - just the time needed to put Fenton in prison and chase out the remaining rabble.

    Correspond au tome 34 français: Dalton city

  • Anglais Antarès t.2


    The Antares mission is underway. Kim, her daughter and her companions are on board the interstellar ship that carries the would-be colonists. Conditions are far from ideal, though. The fanaticism and bigotry of a large number of the passengers, all members of the project leader's sect, are putting everyone on edge. As well, there are rumours of substandard equipment for the expedition. By the time they reach Antares, Kim and her friends are already disillusioned... and the worst is yet to come.

  • Anglais Antarès t.1


    Humanity migrates to a new planet, the secrets of which Kim Keller will have to unravel.

    After the failure of the Betelgeuse colonisation mission, Kim is back on Earth, where she is an increasingly popular figure. Meanwhile, advance scouts on planet Antares have witnessed some distressingly strange events. Worried about the future of this new mission, the sponsors of the Antares project call upon Kim to accompany the first colonists, offering legal amnesty for Alexa and Mark in exchange. It's the beginning of a new adventure for the young woman and her friends.

  • Anglais Antarès t.6


    As the main body of the Antares expedition faces a catastrophic situation and seems doomed to failure, Kim's little group is still trying to establish contact with whoever kidnapped her daughter Lynn. But the fanatic Jedediah is still there, causing dissension and creating obstacles. Only Kim's strength of character, her determination to find her daughter, and her special bond with the alien Sven - Lynn's father - can still save them all...

  • Jesse James would like to become a bandit with a big heart, like his hero, Robin Hood. With the help of his brother and his cousin, he decides to steal from the rich and redistribute the loot to the poor. But soon, the trio is spreading terror wherrever they go. Will Lucky Luke be able to rid the town of these desperados?

    Correspond au tome 35 français: Jesse James

  • Anglais Antarès t.3


    Bad luck, shoddy equipment and hostile fauna have stranded Kim and her companions thousands of miles from the Antares expedition's base camp. Abandoned to their fate by the fanatical leaders who cannot abide Kim's independent streak, wracked by internal

  • Anglais Antarès t.5


    Kim's mission to the other Antares planet - the one from which came the mysterious beam that took her daughter - is underway, and the young woman desperately wants to believe she will find her missing child. One amongst her team has no shortage of faith, though: the insufferable Jedediah Thornton is convinced they are going to meet an advanced alien civilisation. And he will stop at nothing to ensure humanity's representative is a man of proper morals...

  • Anglais Antarès t.4


    Kim's group, still stranded halfway across Antares, must get back to the base camp through a journey filled with deadly encounters. Meanwhile, at the base camp, a trip to the neighbouring planet-source of the strange ray that vaporised Kim's daughter-is being organised. The prospect of meeting an intelligent species, though, drives the religious fanatics in charge to clamp down on any person or activity deemed rebellious. As if a hostile world isn't enough, the colonists have brought their own worst enemy with them...

  • Apres avoir fait son rapport à Londres, Kathy Austin revient au Kenya pour poursuivre son enquête. Dans le palais du comte Di Broglie, la jeune anglaise finit par retrouver les derniers survivants de l'expédition Remington, mais là encore les preuves matérielles manquent pour étayer leurs témoignages. Kathy reçoit l'ordre de se renseigner sur un certain Irmanius, un individu fort curieux qui sillonne le pays. Pour qui travaille t-il ? Russes, Américains. ou bien une puissance bien plus étrangère ?

  • Sur les berges du lac Victoria, Kathy et Remington ont été les témoins d'une scène extraordinaire :
    L'apparition d'un gigantesque OVNI. Cloués par la surprise, ils sont faits prisonniers par Irmanius, qui travaille pour les Soviétiques. Devant l'étrangeté de la situation et les dangers qui les menacent, les deux camps décident néanmoins de faire équipe. Une alliance temporaire qui pourrait ne pas résister à la découverte de mystérieuses boites métalliques, comme celle qui a disparu du palais Di Broglie.

  • After the extraordinary events of Lake Victoria, the Soviet agents let Kathy Austin and her companions go. On their way back to Mombasa, the group stops to speak to Lord Balmer, who was taken in by the Maasai. The Lord has lost his mind, and tells them a wild story of extraterrestrials and apocalypse... but is the story so fantastic after all? Will Kathy manage to find an explanation to the mysteries of Kenya - and maybe tangible proof?

  • Kenya, 1947. Les membres d'un safari mené par l'écrivain américain John Remington font une rencontre incroyable puis disparaissent sans laisser de traces. Peu de temps après, Katherine Austin, agent des services secrets britanniques, arrive à Mombasa. Sa mission : enquêter sur une série d'apparitions et d'incidents mystérieux, dont la disparition de l'expédition Remington pourrait faire partie. Sous la couverture d'un poste de professeur, courtisée par des collègues qui pourraient bien émarger à des services secrets concurrents, elle va découvrir une véritable réalité parallèle.

  • In this book you will find volumes 3 to 5: The Land Without Stars, Welcome to Alflolol and Birds of the Master - three stories that introduce the societal criticism aspect of the series. Battle of the sexes, totalitarianism and extreme productivism are lambasted, but never at the expense of fantasy or of the action. And as they travel from world to distant world, Laureline becomes a truly equal partner, far from the stereotypical female sidekick roles of the time. Finally, the second part of the exclusive interview with the authors and director Luc Besson is followed by an in-depth portrait of Pierre Christin, the writer.

  • This third book of the collected edition contains volumes 6 to 8: Ambassador of the Shadows - the story that directly inspired Luc Besson's film - On the False Earths and Heroes of the Equinox. Over the course of these titles, among the finest in the series, Laureline takes her rightful place as the brains of the outfit, while Valerian fully embraces his role as anti-hero: always brave, but often a bit out of his depth. You will also find the end of the interview with Luc Besson and the authors, and an in-depth portrait of Jean-Claude Mézières, the artist.

  • Dans ce volume de l'intégrale, nous retrouvons les tomes 13 à 15, et la vie de nos héros a irrémédiablement changé avec la disparition de la Terre du futur et de Galaxity. Sans emploi, les voila espions freelance dans les années 80 dans On the Frontiers. Sans ressources, ils sont trafiquants d'armes malgré eux dans The Living Weapons. Sans options, ils sont investigateurs et jouent les chèvres sur Rubanis dans The Circles of Power. L'apparente descente aux enfers des deux anciens agents est une excellente opportunité pour les auteurs d'étudier les ambiguïtés de notre monde, directement ou au travers du prisme des civilisations extraterrestres. Ambiguïté du personnage titre également, pragmatisme contre héroïsme, sauvé de la déchéance par sa partenaire toujours impeccable.

  • Fort Laramie, 1868. Ambrosius Van Deer est venu rencontrer Jess Chisum, un jeune homme qui prétend avoir trouvé son neveu disparu, Eddie. Dix ans auparavant, Edwin Van Deer a disparu après la mort de sa famille dans un raid Lakota. Preuve de son identité : une montre en argent contenant le portrait de ses parents. Mais le destin a d'autres projets qu'une émouvante réunion de famille, et les événements de cette journée vont provoquer, 15 ans plus tard, une inévitable tragédie...

  • A Puerto Blanco, la vie continue. Le capitaine Flynn est mort, assassiné par son ennemi juré. Emilio pleure un mentor et un amant, mais il peut compter sur l'amitié inattendue de Maria et Raffy. Les trois enfants débarqués du Barracuda se sont trouvés, mais les dangers abondent : De La Loya et ses espagnols ; Ferrango, le mari cocu de Maria ; l'assassin de Flynn ; une empoisonneuse jalouse. et un diamant maudit porteur de folie et de mort !

  • Caleb (a human) and Mezoke (a Sandjarr) are paired up and trained as special agents to keep the intergalactic peace. This is a controversial and historic alliance given their races' longstanding enmity, and a lot of people are watching them. Their first mission is to keep war from breaking out between humans and Javlodes on the planet Senestam.
    Caleb acts as a mediator between the warring factions while dealing with an attack by Stilvulls (highly destructive insects)-and he also has to contend with his feelings for charming doctor Kim Vandersel. Mezoke is on the planet Upssal, trying to appease the Javlodes

  • Mézières et Christin ont fait quelque chose que pratiquement personne n'avait fait avant eux : après 43 ans aux manettes, ils mettent eux-mêmes, et de façon absolue, un point final au cycle des aventures de leurs héros. Les trois titres de ce volume (At the Edge of the Great Void, The Order of the Stones et The Time Opener) bouclent la boucle et définissent la fin de l'histoire. Pas de larmes, cela dit ; comme l'expliquent les suppléments, la nature même de leur univers - voyages temporels et paradoxes à gogo -laisse la voie libre à quelques possibilités ultérieures : recueils de flash-backs, one-shots par d'autres créateurs, et adaptations sur d'autres supports comme ... le cinéma !

  • Après les évènements de Stockholm, Caleb et Mezoke sont devenus des renégats recherchés par toutes les forces de la Confédération. C'est presque naturellement qu'ils échouent sur Tetsuam, une gigantesque station spatiale itinérante, capitale du crime dans la galaxie. Mais tandis qu'ils tentent de s'assurer un futur, dans tout l'espace confédéré qui se remet à peine de la guerre civile, les vaisseaux vivants Névronomes semblent passer à l'attaque, tuant des milliers de citoyens en s'immolant au-dessus de grandes villes...