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  • Discover the loveliest spot to picnic on the banks of the river without being harassed by eagles, have your own barbecue behind the fish market, attend a tea ceremony in a private home, meet the craftsman who has just revived the traditional Kyoto fan that had virtually disappeared for 50 years, head to a fishing village to discover the world's first itinerant hotel, push open the door to a bar hidden inside a temple, eat the best egg sandwich in town, go to the public baths to reconnect with a local ancestral tradition, taste the aguri mochi that started a thousand-year rivalry, or watch as a wood warehouse is transformed into an izakaya at nightfall...

  • Anglais Berlin

    Collectif Jonglez

    Wander around the hotel lobby where a glass floor reveals excavations of the old medieval town; take a seat in an amphitheatre where animal dissections once took place; let yourself be moved by the sounds of the largest pipe organ, still used today to bring silent films to life; take a break in one of the few well-preserved Baroque vaults housing coffins fitted with windows; climb onto a bunker that contained anti-aircraft guns during the Second World War and accept a Russian soldier's invitation to admire it from within; take a dip in one of the most beautiful bathing spots built during Europe's Art Nouveau movement; enjoy a stroll under the Spree river; go see the very first computer (designed by a Berliner) or the first synthesizer of East Germany; scale the mountain of rubble where a Skiing World Cup race was held; station yourself at the peak of the artificial hill where aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal made his first attempts at flight; and grab a bite on the island in the Havel river where Werner von Braun launched his first rocket.

  • An indispensable guide for those who thought they knew Tokyo well or would like to discover the other face of the city.
    A building that acts as a giant firewall, a secret city centre canyon, a statue that cures warts, ultra-modern designer toilets, an extraordinary tree that helps you quit smoking, an electronic sunflower, a spectacular modern temple hidden in the heart of Shinjuku, a street that gives Tokyo taxi drivers nightmares, a massive building that looks like a warship, forgotten rivers...
    Far from the crowds and the usual clichés, Tokyo swings between modernity and tradition, preservation of its heritage, sophisticated aestheticism and eccentricity, offering countless off-beat experiences. The Japanese capital is home to any number of well-hidden treasures that are revealed only to residents and travellers who find their way off the beaten track.

  • An indispensable guide for those who thought they knew Prague well, or who would like to discover the hidden face of the city.
    A totally overlooked Art Nouveau masterpiece, secrets of the castle alchemists, the message in the hidden palindrome on Charles Bridge, the Kabbalistic mysteries of the Jewish ghetto, a thief's shrivelled forearm hanging in a church, a statue revealing its intestines, the largest wind tunnel in the Czech Republic, a fragment of the Great Pyramid of Cheops in a pet cemetery, a clock that runs backwards, a house/museum painted blue to meet the needs of the partially blind musician owner...
    Unmissable for lovers of architecture, from Baroque to Art Nouveau via Cubism, and the European capital of alchemy and esotericism in the 17th century, Prague offers a myriad of little-known marvels.

  • Anglais Florence

    Collectif Jonglez

    Visit a church in a prison, learn how Florence became the centre of hermetism during the Renaissance and where you can still find traces of it today, escape from the crowds of tourists to visit little-known artistic masterpieces, head off to hunt for the 34 plaques displaying quotes from the «Divine Comedy», fill up your tank at a vintage service station, have your children count the number of bees sculpted on the monument to the glory of Ferdinand I, look for the last wine distributors of the Renaissance, notice the minuscule windows designed to let children look out quietly onto the street, visit superb private gardens that even the Florentines don't know about, learn how the purple colour of the Fiorentina football team is connected to the pee of a Florentine crusader in Palestine...

  • Anglais Brussels

    Collectif Jonglez

    A 'love hotel' where one can say a prayer, a stretch of the Senne reconstituted in Saint-Géry, a farm in the centre of the city, a Freemasonic reading of the Brussels Park, the amazing physiognomic fountain of Magritte, the place where the Tsar of Russia vomited at the park of Brussels in 1717, the former rotunda of Panorama parking, a tribute to the soldier pigeon, from speleology to The National Basilica of the Sacred Heart, a panoramic swimming pool, a scandalous pavilion in the park Cinquantenaire, a huge vegetable garden in Uccle, a nineteenth-century artist's studio in Schaerbeek, a campsite in the heart of the city, a garden forgotten in the Forest ...

    For those who can observe, push the doors and exit beaten tracks, Brussels is full of curiosities and surprising details that will amaze its inhabitants as well as its visitors who thought they knew it well.

  • A game of pétanque played with square boules, an astonishing aerial well, stained-plastic windows, a marble bench built in memory of the Queen of England's haemophiliac son, the instruments of the Passion of Christ, a good-luck pig, a mysterious pyramid, a monument to secret agents, an entire village that «moved house», a gas mask for horses, a statue sculpted by Saint Luke, a trapdoor in the nave of a church that opens onto a rushing torrent, a restaurant in an Orient Express railway car, Babar's beach, Tintin's Black Island, a chance to admire the Riviera's foremost pair of naked breasts, spend the night sleeping in a tree...

  • Anglais Helsinki

    Collectif Jonglez

    A 30-metre-high spire that can be pulled down, a dog that managed to catch 108 criminals without human help, a hidden giant face on the pedestal of Elias Lönnrot's statue, a hidden Kalevala-scene fresco inside the Old Student House, a statue for a homeless alcoholic, a grave with a cannonball, the smallest public statue in Helsinki...

  • Soul of Rome : a guide to 30 exceptional experiences Nouv.

    An exceptional café, a secret aperitivo, a remarkable roof-top, where to eat the perfect spaghetti carbonara... Sleep beneath Renaissance frescoes in Rome's most beautiful villa, go for a bike ride on the Via Appia, picnic in a magnificent garden, dine at a fish market, sink your teeth into one of the ten best pizzas in the world...

  • Black sand that has healing power, why you should not whistle while strolling down a nocturnal beach, Bali's most beautiful and least-visited rice terraces, a very special gift to take home from Bali, a workshop where Batiks are created with unique natural dyes, a place to petition the spirits for a baby, the flute-playing pigeons of Ubud, an enchanting village of unique traditionally styled bamboo roofs, a haunting reunion of some of Bali's most outrageous demons, one of the world's best unofficial street-art exhibitions, a tree it is impossible to plant, an ancient fertility statue with «more than the usual quota of penises», the world's most mysterious breed of cattle, a village of the deaf, a miniature version of Java's Unesco-listed Borobudur, fantastic tranced bull races, the world's most spectacular traditional fishing craft, an architectural wonder of Bali's Christian heartland, Bali's only colonial-era rubber plantation...

  • Discover the inner sanctum of Freemason's Hall, see Napoleon's toothbrush, marvel at a hoax plaque hidden in plain sight on O'Connell Bridge, try George IV's footprints for size, venture into a Georgian time capsule on Henrietta Street, cross the bridge beneath which William Rowan Hamilton had his 'Eureka' moment, explore a 'museum' flat preserved exactly as it was almost 100 years ago, tune into the world of vintage radio in a Martello Tower, spot Dublin's subter- ranean river, or post your thoughts in a mystery letterbox.

    Dublin offers endless opportunities for getting off the tourist grid - for peering into the city's fascinating past and present. All you need to know is where to look... and who to ask for. Secret Dublin - An Unusual Guide is an indispensable resource for those who thought they knew everything about the city, or who want to discover its hidden treasures.
    Skip the crowds and clichés, and really get beneath the city's skin...

  • Anglais Liverpool

    Mike Keating

    Discover for yourself the haunts of slave traders, privateers and press-gangs, the hideaway of a suspected assassin and the desecrated grave of a self-professed Jack the Ripper. Track down the birthplace of rail travel and Britain's earliest mosque. Marvel at a life-size replica of the world's first submarine and the original home of the Epsom Derby. Be gobsmacked by burial stones older than Stonehenge and one of the earliest human settlements to be found anywhere in the UK. Grimace at a set of heroic dentures all the way from the battlefields of Waterloo and snigger at the sight of Queen Victoria's dildo. Meet trees that talk, World War II's best-kept secret and the world's first (and smallest) skyscraper. Toast the UK's greatest female athlete in a brew named in her honour or go for a spin on the only purpose-built F1 race track in the country.

    For tourists and locals who have outgrown Hop on-Hop off bus excursions, river cruises and Beatles tours, Secret Liverpool is an indispensable guide to the curiosities of «England's finest Victorian city», designed for people who prefer to customise their own itinerary or simply wander where the mood takes them.

  • Anglais Abandoned Australia

    Shane Thoms

    • Jonglez
    • 21 Novembre 2019

    Barren red deserts dotted with post-colonial ghost towns, dilapidated inner city factories, discarded country homesteads and a succession of dormant, soot-filled power stations are just a handful of the desolate, yet visually rich narratives that form part of the abandoned Australia landscape.

    Digging beneath the sun-baked soil, Shane Thoms uncovers the modern ruins scattered over this arid continent and reveals a series of beautifully broken abodes hiding in the crevices of the Great Southern Land.

    Whispering of both long-gone happy family moments and human darkness, of working lives and the everyday pursuits of living, these atmospheric scenes allow us to reconstruct the stories of the past. Prompting conversations about a growing, diverse country with a complicated history, these abandoned places both connect as well as contrast the past and the present and chronicle the hidden remnants of the evolving Australian story.

  • Anglais Venice

    Collectif Jonglez

    Discover the secrets of St. Mark's Basilica without any tourist, decipher the capitals of the palace of the Doges, take the only underground canal in Venice, look out for of the alchemical sculpture of the winged horse, open your eyes to traces of the Teriaca, this miracle drink that was long made in Venice, tear up the paintings of the Scuola di San Rocco according to the principles of the Hebrew Kabbalah or the construction of San Francesco della Vigna according to those of the musical Kabbalah, visit an underground graveyard, push the doors of palaces and monasteries to walk in unsuspected gardens, admire the extraordinary forgotten library of the Venice seminary, sleep in a sublime room hidden in a palace, go shopping at the women's prison market of the Giudecca, play petanque in the heart of the city, make a retreat in a wonderful monastery of the lagoon ...

  • Discover the setting for secret feasts in the forest, peek inside a glamorous Vogue war correspondent's surreal Sussex home, wander through a forgotten village by the sea, stumble on a fairy-tale folly and a tomb shaped like a Pyramid, uncover a hidden Bond-movie location, hunt out little-known Sussex wineries, track down Sherlock Holmes' fictional country cottage, take a safari through an African-inspired landscape, tour Led Zeppelin's former mansion, lose yourself in a museum about murder and true crime, and hang out with a colony of wallabies ...

  • A «love hotel» where you can say a prayer, a reconstituted section of the Senne river at Saint-Géry, an extraordinary private museum devoted to plastic, a farm with sheep, goats, and turkeys at place de l'Yser, Masonic secrets in the Parc de Bruxelles, a hotel overlooking the Grand-Place, a surrealistic trip in a lift, a homage to the military pigeon, potholing at Koekelberg basilica, a swimming pool with a panoramic view of the city, a scandalous pavilion in the Parc du Cinquantenaire, an immense vegetable garden at Uccle, an 19th century artist's studio at Schaerbeek, a camping ground in the heart of the Belgian capital, a forgotten garden-city at Forest.

  • Tirez au pistolet près de la 5e Avenue, faites du kayak au milieu d'îles interdites, participez à un cours de survie à Central Park, escaladez des arbres géants dans un jardin botanique, partez en patrouille avec la police de la ville, apprenez l'art de la taxidermie, prenez des cours d'astronomie sur la high line, écoutez des concerts secrets gratuitement, visitez un musée dans un montecharge abandonné, faites les poubelles avec le club des "freegans"...
    New York regorge d'activités vraiment insolites et secrètes aux quatre coins de la ville. Encore faut-il savoir où aller.

  • Une réplique de Darth Vador de la guerre des Étoiles dans la cathédrale, une chaise géante, le plus long escalator d'Amérique, le mystère d'une sculpture cryptée, les secrets des plans de la ville, conçus selon les idéaux des francs-maçons, le sens initiatique caché du blason des Etats-Unis...

    Loin de la foule et des clichés, Washington réserve toujours des surprises à ceux qui savent sortir des sentiers battus.
    Un guide indispensable pour tous ceux qui pensaient connaître Washington ou qui souhaitent en découvrir un autre visage.

  • Lisa Johnston is a writer and photographer who was born and grew up in Johannesburg. She has worked variously as a travel, design and art journalist and is drawn to the unique creative pulse of the city and its people. In her early adult years, Johnston tried on various occasions to leave Johannesburg for a quieter life, both locally and abroad, but Joburg's combination of grit, green and glamour kept calling her back. She has lived the past 15 years in Johannesburg and has given up her quest for a country life, focusing instead on growing an urban farm in her small garden not far from the city.

    Claire Bell grew up on Johannesburg's East Rand, and fell in love with the city at the age of 5, when she first caught a train downtown. A journalist and investigative researcher, she has a masters degree in philosophy from Birkbeck College in London and writes the blog She loves how Joburg is at the epicentre of social, political and cultural change. Bell is part of the team that runs Consciousness Café, a pop-up dialogue café that brings South Africans together in galleries, community centres and gardens around the city to have uncomfortable conversations about how the politics of the past still overshadow the present and to encourage deep democracy - where every voice is heard and valued.

  • Anglais Lisbon

    Collectif Jonglez

    The most beautiful hidden tiles of the city, the head of the serial killer Lisbon preserved in formalin, the Kabbalistic principles of the south portal of the Jeronimos Monastery or the theory of the fifth Portuguese empire of which we find so many traces in the geography of the city, charming forgotten dead ends, the outstanding panoptic architecture of a former hospital, the impressive wax masks from the Dermatology Museum, a secret passage at the hotel Avenida Palace, the mysterious abbey below Palacio Foz, the reason why the coat of arms of the Portugal is inclined at 17 ° on the facade of the Rossio station...

  • Anglais Brighton

    Collectif Jonglez

    Wander through a hidden city orchard, hang out with a 19th-century circus troupe, find a forgotten railway line in the sea, discover Brighton's only waterfall, visit a hidden pet cemetery, borrow books from the secret library in a fridge, unearth a long-forgotten mural, browse a museum in a back-street chip shop, watch a play in an abandoned bowling green, tap the nose of a gargoyle and make a wish, enter an Earthship, step inside a secret walled garden and play glow-in-the-dark miniature golf with dinosaurs.

  • Tokyo, Japan. Population: 13 million, 160 000 Restaurants. We tried 1000 places and kept the 30 best. 30 unforgettable experiences that capture the soul of Tokyo.

    A teahouse secreted away behind a flowershop, a hidden restaurant in the heart of Shibuya, getting a massage in a hammock, spending the night on a library bookshelf... the "Soul of" collection is a new approach to the art of travelling that consists of vagabonding around, chance encounters, and unforgettable experiences. Guides for those who want to unlock the hidden doors of a city, feel out its heartbeat, plumb every last nook and cranny to uncover its soul.