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Littérature générale

  • Anglais The outsiders

    S. E. Hinton

    A revealing account of the tensions, fears, and frustrations of gang life from a teenage boy's point of view...

    Poche N.C. Sur commande
  • Boy

    Roald Dahl

    Humorous anecdotes from the author's childhood describe summer vacations in Norway and life in an English boarding school....

    Poche N.C. Sur commande
  • Anglais Mockingbird

    Kathryn Erskine

    THE NATIONAL BOOK AWARD WINNER and ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT NOVELS OF OUR TIME FOR YOUNG READERS Caitlin has Asperger's. The world according to her is black and white; anything in between is confusing. Before, when things got confusing, Caitlin went to her older brother, Devon, for help. But Devo...

    Poche N.C. Sur commande